Week 14 – Oct 28, 2012 – Simple Tote Bag

This bag started out as a small practice piece for machine quilting.  I haven’t done that much machine quilting on my Pfaff domestic sewing machine so I thought I’d spend time practicing.  Even after an hour of practice, I could still use a bit more practice, but this ‘mini quilt’ had all the free space used up – so now what to do with it?  Recently, I saw a pattern for a tote bag that had an interesting way of piecing the bottom and boxing the corners, so why not?  Use my practice piece!  Naturally, I rewrote the directions (which is what I do with most of my patterns anyway), and look what happened?  This cute tote bag!  It’s not too big, only 9x9x3, but still quite usable.  The only thing I don’t care for are the wimpy handles.  Just a double fold of fabric, they really need to have some interfacing inside it.  The handles and the bottom of tote bags is what will wear out first.  So, next time I make this pattern …


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