Sports jersey t-shirt quilt

19-1-003 quilt front 2

Sports jersey t-shirt quilt

18-1-002 finished quilt front 1


Alissa’s graduation quilt

Alissa’s graduation quilt


Darcy’s quilt – boyfriends sailing t-shirts

Sailing T-Shirt Quilt

Sailing T-Shirt Quilt

Trimaran Nationals shirt

Trimaran Nationals shirt

The ‘before picture’ of the shirts:

before picture - shirts

Sundesh’s quilt from his fathers t-shirts

Sundesh's quilt


Jane’s running t-shirt quilt

Jane's running quilt

Brooks’ quillow (this is a quilt that has a pocket for your feet and when you fold up the quilt it tucks into the pocket and becomes a pillow); his father, Brady, is holding the quillow.

Brady with quillow

Clint with graduation quilt (numerical fabric since he is an engineer)

Clint with graduation quilt

Hockey Jersey Quilt (close up) – I was able to keep the laces on some of the jerseys as well as do photo transfers (individual and team photos)

quilt top close up - show laces and photo transfers

Shelley’s Batik Quilt

Shelley's Batik quilt

Shelley’s Round Robin Quilt

Shelley's Round Robin Quilt

Matt’s hockey jersey quilt.

Aaron’s graduation quilt

Aaron and jersey quilt

2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Elaine Smith says:

    My name is Elaine Smith an i am interested in having a hockey jersey quilt and a few hockey tshirts made into a quilt for my son’s graduation. I know it’s not enough time for May 25th but if it is done before he leaves for college in August, that will be fine too. i like your quality. Please let me know if you are avaialble for this project. I am thinking twin dorm size.

    Thank you!


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