T-Shirt and Jersey Quilts

If you have piles of t-shirts or sports jerseys, let me turn them into a unique quilt made just for you or someone you love.

Running t-shirts.  Sailing t-shirts.  Bar t-shirts.  NASCAR t-shirts.  Soccer t-shirts.  Or whatever kind of t-shirts you have – they will make a quilt that will let your t-shirts keep on giving.  And what about all those sports jerseys?  Hockey.  Basketball.  You can’t part with them but you want to remember the teams.  Have them made into a quilt so you can remember all the good times with your teammates.

These also make great Christmas gifts, provided you can get the t-shirts or jerseys away from the recipient without them knowing.  A t-shirt quilt also makes a great gift for a graduating student or college student.

I make 3 styles of t-shirt quilts.

Style 1 – Framed Block Design – If your t-shirt designs can be cut into the same size blocks, such as 12”x12” or 14”x14”, this style is for you.  They are then framed by a solid color fabric and the blocks sewn together.  This is the style of a traditional quilt.

Style 2 – Framed Design – If your t-shirt designs are of different sizes, but you may not have too many shirts, this style would be perfect.  The designs are cut out and framed by one fabric, then set into a design of another fabric to make it larger.  This is a modern style of quilt.

Style 3 – Free Form Design – If you have t-shirts or jerseys that have designs of various sizes and you have a lot of shirts, this would be your style.  The designs are cut out then fit together like a puzzle.  This is the most interesting style, because each one is different based on the number of shirts you have and the number of designs you want to include.  This style can incorporate the large single design from the front or back of the shirt, a name patch across the back shoulders, breast pocket designs, and writing down the sleeves.

Please contact me for details and prices.

Contact me at:  wandablack52@gmail.com

Style 1 – Block Layout

t-shirt quilt

Style 2 – Framed Design

Sundesh's quilt

Style 3 – Free Form Design

Judy's finished quilt



11 Comments on “T-Shirt and Jersey Quilts

  1. I would like to get a quilt made from my daughters jerseys. How do we go about it.


  2. I am interested in a quilt( likely freeform). Can you combine hockey, soccer, T-shirt’s? Will that look ok? What is your turnaround time?


  3. I was inquiring about having a quilt made out of my sons old spirts jerseys. I like the free form style and was wondering about pricing and have additional questions.


  4. Wanda,
    I sent you an e-mail, and would like to talk to you about a sports jersey quilt. Please contact me. Thanks


    • Hi Beau,
      Not sure if I already emailed you back or not, if not, I sure apologize!
      If you’re still interested in a jersey quilt let me know. Most of your questions can be answered by the website, but if you have more, just let me know.
      You can email me directly at wandablack52@gmail.com.


  5. on sports jerseys do you put any interfacing on them? i think it would show thru so wonder how and what you back t hem with


    • Yes I do put lightweight interfacing on the jerseys. On dark jerseys I use black interfacing. It really doesn’t show through.


      • Do you iron on the interfacing before cutting the jersey? Do you iron onto just the top layer or do you do both layers of the jersey? I use 911 interfacing on t-shirts. What type of interfacing do you use on jerseys?


      • Hi Kathy,
        I use the 911 interfacing on the back of a jersey. I iron it on before cutting out the design. Some people don’t use interfacing at all and some use an interfacing made for knit fabrics, right off hand I can’t remember what it’s called. Someone at JoAnn Fabrics will know.
        Let me know if you have any more questions or if I can help.


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