FAQ for T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilt Information

Facts about the quilts I make:

I only use the highest quality quilt fabrics for your keepsake quilt that has been purchased from quilt shops here in town and across the United States.  I don’t use lower grade fabrics from local fabric stores or hobby stores.  You will select the fabric colors and quilt layout style for your quilt so it will be special to you.

Your quilt will be quilted on a Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine with clear (but not shiny) thread on top and thread to match the backing material.  It will not be tied with yarn or ribbon and will not have ‘rag quilt’ edges.  The quilting design can be the standard Puzzle Design or another from my pattern collection, such as swirls, leaves, stars, and many more to choose from, or it can be free motion quilted following the shirt designs.

I use the best 100% cotton batting to provide warmth, comfort, and will drape nicely when on a bed or across the back of a couch.

The quilt binding will be sewn to the front by machine then rolled to the back and sewn down by hand for a secure a beautiful finished edge.

For a small fee I can attach a hanging sleeve to your quilt so you will be able to hang your quilt on the wall if you desire.

I will create and sew on a FREE quilt label to the back of your quilt with the information you provide about your keepsake quilt.

I will provide you with quilt care and storage instructions so your quilt will last for generations.

Personally, I am an award winning and published quilter, most recently in the April 2014 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

I hope this will provide you with the knowledge and comfort that you will recieve a quality product.


Quilt layout styles and number of shirts required:

Price estimates for each style of t-shirt quilt:

Style 1 – Standard Block Design (based on 12″x12″ designs)

  • 9 shirts – Lap Size – $153
  • 12 shirts – Throw Size – $192
  • 15 shirts – Long Twin Size – $240
  • 20 shirts – Full Size – $300
  • 25 shirts – Double Size – $375
  • 30 shirts – Queen Size – $420

Style 2 – Framed Design (fabric sewn around each design)

  • 5-9 shirts – Lap Size – $115 – $207
  • 9-12 shirts – Throw Size – $180 – $240
  • 12-18 shirts – Long Twin Size – $216 – $324
  • 15-20 shirts – Full Size – $270 – $360
  • 20-25 shirts – Double Size – $360 – $450
  • 25-30 shirts – Queen Size – $450 – $540

Style 3 – Free Form Design (shirts cut into various sizes then sewn together like a puzzle)

  • 5-9 shirts – Lap Size – $115 – $207
  • 9-15 shirts – Throw Size – $207 – $300
  • 15-20 shirts – Long Twin Size – $270 – $360
  • 15-25 shirts – Full Size – $270 – $450
  • 20-25 shirts – Double Size – $360 – $450
  • 25-30 shirts – Queen Size – $450 – $540
  • Note: The more shirts the better for this style!

The number of shirts can vary for Style 2 and Style 3.

Please see tab “T-Shirt and Jersey Quilts” for description and picture of each style layout.

These prices are estimates.  The final price we decide upon will depend on the number of shirts and desired finished size.

Please contact me with questions you may have.

Contact me at:  wandablack52@gmail.com


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