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Zippy Strippy Quilt

This is a Zippy Strippy quilt or otherwise known as a Jelly Roll quilt or a 1600 quilt.  Sometimes fabrics are sold as 2.5″ strips (called a Jelly Roll because they are all rolled up and look like a jelly roll) so you can just sew them together end to end (surprisingly they total 1600″), then just fold them back onto itself and sew again.  Actually, if you really want to know more just get on YouTube and search for Jelly Roll Race and watch for yourself.  Anyway, I put a black square inbetween my strips to add a little more character.  It doesn’t take very long to put one of these together and they are really pretty.  Always nice to curl up with on the couch to read a book or watch tv.

zippy strippy quilt with black blocks

And here is the back…I tried to use up some of my ‘fabric stash’.  Its beautiful but I still have way too much fabric left (is it possible to have too much fabric?).

zippy strippy back