Personal Post – Open Wide Bag

This bag pattern comes in 3 sizes. First I made the small size and even though it turned out really cute, it was kind of a pain to get it through the sewing machine.

Then I tried the large size.  Wow!  This  is  a large  bag.  And  honestly,  it’s  almost  too  big.  Is  that  even  possible?  I tried  to  use  it  as  a cosmetic  bag,  but  it  got  too  heavy.   I  might  use  it  as  a sewing  project  bag  or  a run  around  purse.  

I do think the medium size will be the perfect size to use as a cosmetic bag or toiletry bag or a purse. This pattern is interesting in the fact that the top zipper binding finishes the top edge and it makes a loop handle on one end. Pretty cool design. And I love the fact that it stands upright all the time and it opens wide enough so you can see everything inside. I can see me making several more of these for myself and maybe as gifts!

And then because I just can’t help myself, I made a smaller zipper bag with the scraps. I mean – what was I supposed to do with them?

Be well,


On the Frame Friday

There is something so charming about a scrap quilt.

Wordless Wednesday

applique pink flower

Wordless Wednesday

linen blocks 2linen blocks

Personal Post – Hankie Pincushion

Uh oh! Look what happened – I made another pincushion.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

This time I started with an embroidered hankie. It has my initial ‘W’ already embroidered and I added a few embroidery stitches myself. I also added a ribbon strip on one side to attach some clips. These clips come in handy when sewing and quilting. If you aren’t using these you should really give them a try. They are particularly useful when sewing with plastic and leather or if there are too many layers for a pin to go through. This pincushion is filled with crushed walnut shells. Not only does this give the pincushion some weight (which can also serve as a pattern weight) but it also sharpens your pins. How useful is that?

If you have some hankies or other linens and not sure what to do with them, consider using them for fun things like a pincushion, zipper pouch, or even in quilt blocks.


Be well,


Wordless Wednesday

9-patch quilt

Athletes T-shirt Quilt

Here is a t-shirt quilt I made for a high school student.  As you can see from this collection of t-shirts he’s quite an active young man. Swimming. Wrestling. Band. Traveling. Cross Country. This quilt holds so many memories for him.

Here is the front of the quilt:

18-3-017 quilt front

And a picture of the back.

18-3-017 quilt back

You may notice there are a couple blocks on the back.  These are a couple childhood drawings that have been converted to be on fabric. After some discussion his mother we decided it would be best to put these on the back instead of the front. She wanted to keep the blocks, but a person could get beat up by a college roommate or teased mercilessly by a girlfriend if they were on the front of the quilt. So, they are on the back and it looks awesome!

Be well,


Personal Post – Pineapple Pincushion

I have a difficult time throwing out even the smallest fabric scraps. I tend to toss them into some kind of container – in this case it’s a small wooden container. I believe I picked this up from Goodwill some time back and as a “scrap catcher” it works pretty well.

These small scraps are perfect for foundation piecing.  I happen to have a lot of these foundation paper blocks that I’ve collected over the years. I selected a pineapple block pattern and made a block. Notice – I made one block. That’s a lot of pieces. So what do you do with just one small block? Make a pincushion of course! As a quilter I can’t have enough pincushions.



Be well,


Baseball T-shirt Quilt

This baseball t-shirt quilt was fun to make because there were just enough t-shirts for the front and a couple special shirts for the back.

It worked out that the blocks can all be cut to the same size.  This doesn’t work for every t-shirt quilt. Sometimes the designs are quite large while others are quilt small. When doing the analysis, I try very hard to make sure none of the design is cut off.

19-1-003 Blocks 1

One block was a photo transfer.  How fun is that?!

19-1-003 block close up 2

Here is a close up of the quilting design. Personally, I love the border design!

19-1-003 block close up 1

19-1-003 quilting detail front










The finished quilt. This quilt is really wonderful.  I like the high color contrast between the blue and the bold. It really sets off the blocks.

19-1-003 quilt front 2

The back has two additional blocks and a small pieced block strip to balance the design.

19-1-003 quilt back 1

And just because I can’t help myself, I made a matching table topper. This would look nice on the nightstand next to the bed with the quilt.

19-1-003 table topper from leftover blocks



Personal Post – Eye Glasses Cleaner

This is handier than a pocket on a shirt. This little pouch contains an eye glasses cleaning cloth. The fact that it has a loop makes it even better. It’s easy to attach to a purse strap or just tuck the whole thing in your pocket. It’s machine washable and dryable, too. This is so quick and easy you can make a dozen of these in no time. This would be a welcome gift for anyone who wears glasses.

Be well,


Personal Post – Back Off!

Need to show this off! My sister made this for me and I love it.

Some days this saying is more true than others.

Be well,


Personal Post – Gathered Drawstring Bag

Oh my goodness! Once you make one of these bags, more will follow, I guarantee it.

What gal in her right mind wouldn’t love one or more of these? Or maybe even kids. If it could help them keep their toys rounded up – I’m all for it. Especially legos. Those are the worst to step on in the middle of the night! Anyway, these would also make a great gifts with a special gift tucked inside.

Be well,


Frame Friday

19-3-028 on the frame 4

Personal Post – Lawn Chair Bag

This is summer and I love to be outside in a lawn chair in the shade. One problem is there no where to put stuff – you know like a book, magazine, or a phone. So I made a small bag to fit onto one of the arms of the chair. It works perfectly! Now, I need to make a few more for family and friends.

These can be made from a couple fat quarters of fabric or some scraps. Based on the kind of chair you have, you may need to make a bag with velcro straps or even ties.

Be well,


Frame Friday

19-3-027 on the frame 4

Personal Post – Dish Towel Apron

My grandmother wore an apron. My mom wore and apron. And I wear one, too.

sisters wearing aprons

This is a picture of my sister, Janet (on the left), and I wearing our aprons. These are made from dish towels so they are super simple to make.








I realize this is Christmas fabric, but I wanted to show how wonderful these would be as gifts.  Just something to think about.

Be well,



Frame Friday

19-3-026 Corey on the frame 4

Personal Post – Handled Baskets

Check out these baskets! My sister, Janet, makes a lot of these baskets and gives them to friends. I admit, I made several myself. They are so handy and can be made in different sizes. I use them all over the house to catch all those loose things that seem to clutter up the kitchen counter, the desk, and the coffee table. They can be made from scraps to hold scraps! How cool is that?

Be well,


Frame Friday

19-3-025 on the frame 1

Personal Post – Bookmarks

Does anyone still read books?  I mean a book book – as in like printed pages? I do. So in that case, I need bookmarks. These were made from pieces of wool with embroidery added. These are just too darn cute! I also have friends who read book books and have given away several bookmarks. These make great projects to take along on car trips and don’t require a lot of fabrics. So fun to make and share!

Frame Friday

19-3-023 on the frame 03

Personal Post – Hanging Bags

This is something I made for my mother-in-law, Luann. These bags, a set of four, hang from a dowel rod that we attached to the front of her bathroom sink. If she is sitting in her rolling walker or in the wheelchair, she is able to use them to store her cosmetics in. They are at just at the right height. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them hanging with the cosmetics in them, but I do have these pictures.

The inside fabric is a jungle print (she loves giraffes) and the outside is blue jean material. The different sizes were also nice. I found the pattern online somewhere, so if you wanted to make some it should be pretty easy to find.

Be well,


Frame Friday

19-3-022 on the frame 1

Personal Post – Teddy Bear

You are never too old to want and have a teddy bear.

Ashley teddy bear 5

This is a teddy bear I made for my niece, Ashley, from a quilt I made her many years ago.  The quilt was loved and used until it was nearly used up. I was able to cut out a few of the undamaged sections to make her this lovable bear.

This particular pattern has only two pattern pieces, two for the front and two for the back. It’s pretty quick to sew up and lightly stuff.  This pattern makes a kind of floppy bear, it’s not tightly stuffed like some stuffed animals, so it makes this one particularly huggable. I did not add the eyes and nose to this one and just let the used quilt be all it needs.  I gave this to Ashley on Christmas and she just fell in love with it.  Note – I love it, too!

Frame Friday

19-3-020 on the frame 17

Personal Post – Hair Bows

Girl stuff! It’s fun to sew girl stuff. Check out these fun hair bows! They are quick and easy to sew a few and use up some scrap fabric.

Frame Friday

19-3-019 on the frame 4

T-Shirt Quilt

Making t-shirt quilts is always an adventure. They are all different because everyone has a different selection of shirts to work with. Every once in awhile I get to make this style of t-shirt quilt – all the logos are about the same size so the blocks can all be cut to the same size.

18-1-002 finished quilt front 1

This means the quilt goes together pretty quickly and then it’s onto the quilt frame to be quilted.

I do love the quilting on this t-shirt quilt. Just look at the back of this quilt.

18-3-017 hanging sleeve

To a non-quilter this picture probably doesn’t look like much, but I’m sewing on a hanging sleeve. You may be able to see it on the picture of the quilt back. So, rather than using this quilt on the bed it can be hung on the wall using a curtain rod. It’s a wonderful way to show off all those wonderful memories!

Be well,


Wordless Wednesday

Organized for sewing blocks

I know that “Wordless Wednesday” isn’t supposed to have any words, but I feel like I need to add a few.

I was having trouble with my website with my posts not actually posting. The staff at WordPress helped resolve the issue. Guess what? User error, no shocker there. So, if you see several posts appear or receive several emails (if you are a Follower – and I hope you are), this is because the posts that have been queued up just got posted.  Hopefully, the posts will appear correctly now.  And I believe this picture may have been posted before, but let me tell ya – you can never be too organized!

Be well,


Mini Marathon T-shirt Quilt

One of the challenges a quilter faces when making a t-shirt quilt is that all the t-shirts are the same color – in this case – white. So, just border each t-shirt with some of her favorite colored fabric. Look how pretty these shirts are now!

Here is the quilt on the frame. As you can see, I had to add a few extra quilt blocks so they would all fit togetger. As I like to say, “It’s just math.” Need a few extra inches here and there to make it work, just make a few 4-patch blocks to make the math work.

I just love the quilting done on these blocks.

This is a picture of the finished quilt. Beautiful!

And this is the beautiful backing fabric. Could it be any more perfect?


This quilt turned out so pretty!

On the Frame Friday

Wordless Wednesday


T-shirt Quilt

This quilt was made for a gal that really loved sports! It shows a great variety of teams and sports. This will provide her with many fond memories.

Organizer Basket


I had some scraps of Oriental fabrics and made this cute organizer basket.  I added some inside pockets to help separate items and to keep some upright.

This is just the right size to keep in the bathroom to organize all those small things that seem to collect there.

Now I need to make about a dozen more of these because you know there is more stuff to organize!



On the Frame Friday

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