Family Quilt

Big Fluffy Flying Geese

First, let me explain the name.  Big Fluffy because the white fabric is a type of chenille fabric.  Very soft and fluffy.  Yes, once again it was a mess to work with, but oh so worth it!  It’s wonderful to lay on – like for watching tv.  Flying Geese is the name of the pieced portion of the quilt.  So, I put the two together and it came out – Big Fluffy Flying Geese.  Works for me.  I made the quilt top at the Indiana State Quilt Guild winter retreat in Nashville, IN.  Once home and unpacked, I put this on the quilting machine and quilted it in a couple hours.  But let me tell ya, even though I used variegated thread in the top thread and in the bobbin (bottom thread) I couldn’t tell where I had aleady quilted!  I even turned off the light in the room and just used the light on the machine to see if that helped – no such luck.  It was more of trying to remember where I had already sewed.  But, as you can see, it turned out great!

Big Fluffy Flying Geese

Also, this was my attempt at “Modern Quilting” which is a new style in the quilting world.  It uses lots of negative space, solid colors, and big bold designs.  Even though it’s out of my comfort range, I think I did ok.

Here is a picture of the back of the quilt…

Big Fluffy back

I mentioned earlier that I had trouble seeing the quilting thread from the top, but as you can see from the back detail, I think I did just fine…

Big Fluffy quilting close up


Longarm Quilting

Janet’s Batik Quilt

This is my sister’s batik quilt that I quilted for her.  She was in the same block exchange as Shelley.  (I was in that group, too, but I don’t have mine quilted yet.)  This turned out so beautiful.

Janet's batik quilt

This is a close up of the quilting…

Janet's batik close up


Family Quilt Other fun stuff

Baby Quilts

During the Indiana State Quilt Guild retreat I made 4 baby quilts.  Two of our best friends, Kent and Peggy, each of their adult children had a child – so that made each of them a grandparent.  There was a boy and a girl so I got to make boy quilts and girl quilts.  For each baby I made a flannel on flannel blanket – just two pieces of flannel sewn together with a decorate stitch around the outside (sorry no pictures).  Then I make each a quilt and here are those pictures…

Peggy - baby quiltThe pinks and purples were so much fun to play with – since we had two boys I didn’t get to do much with pink!  (We do have twin nieces so I made pink quilts for them – 3 each!)  A few of the blocks and the back were made of a fuzzy fleece – very soft but a huge mess to sew with!  It did wash up nicely and is so soft!  The baby will love it!

Kent - baby quilt

This quilt was made with “I Spy” types of fabric – pictures of cars and bugs and stuff that kids love.  The blue is minky fabric and is so soft – again messy to work with but so soft for a baby.  The back is white flannel with blue ships.  I also practiced making the quilt binding strips with diagonal seams and put on completely by machine.  This will hold up much better for baby quilts.

I’m hoping to get pictures of the babies with their quilts so I can post them here.

Family Quilt

Curious George

I saw this fabric in JoAnn Fabrics and I knew I had to make my grandson, Aidan, his very own blanket.  It’s fleece and so it’s fuzzy and cozy and just perfect to cuddle with.  Besides he loves Curious George stories.

Curious George throw

I simply put a double rolled hem around the outside – done.

Here’s a picture of Uncle Dustin (our oldest son) and Aidan out shoveling the driveway (a few weeks ago).

Dustin and Aidan shoveling snow

Not sure how much snow he actually shoveled but he sure had fun!

Longarm Quilting

Shelley’s Round Robin Quilt

Next up of Shelley’s is her Round Robin quilt.  She has referred to this as her “17 year quilt” because she started it 17 years ago.  A round robin quilt is made like this: a group of gals gets together and creates the rules, in this case, create 6 – 4″ blocks each round.  Each member creates their own center block in the colors and pattern of their choice.  They put this block plus any additional fabric into a plastic box which will get passed to the next person in the group.  When everyone has added the requird blocks to the quilt, it is returned to the owner.  And it’s always a surprise because it’s never what the owner expected – it’s always much better!  Well, 17 years ago Shelley was not the experienced quilter she is now, and these blocks had inside corners and other challenges she wasn’t ready to deal with.  She set the box aside and that’s how it became a UFO (unfinished object).  However, at the Indiana summer state guild quilting retreat she brought along this box and was determined to put the quilt top together and get it done!  (I admire that determination!)  Well, as you can see, it’s done and it’s gorgeous!

Shelley's Round Robin Quilt

center star

fish blocks

I had so much fun quilting this!  I hope you can click on the picture and get a close up look at the blocks as well as the quilting (only to brag a little).  I just love the design around and in the center star, the 3D braid, and the fish bubbles.

PS… I made the kite blocks.

Longarm Quilting

Shelley’s Batik Quilt

My dear friend, Shelley, made this beautiful batik quilt as part of a block exchange with some gals from the Indiana State Quilt Guild.  I was thrilled when she asked me to quilt it for her.  She requested the Double Wave quilt pattern with a variegated thread.  Both of those turned out to be the correct choice!

Shelley's Batik quilt

Isn’t it beautiful?

Shelley and JanetThis is Janet (my sister on the left) and Shelley at the retreat.  Shelley sewed on the binding and the label that weekend.

quilt label

Isn’t that a great label?

Other fun stuff T-shirt Quilt

More Projects Coming Soon

I’ve been quite busy and have lots more to post, but it takes so long to get the pictures from the camera to the computer, edit the pictures, write something about each one, then actually post it.  I do plan on doing that on Saturday.  I checked the calendar this morning and saw that Saturday was “white space” – that means there’s nothing written in there!

Here’s a list of posts you’ll see in the near future:

Shelley’s batik quilt

Janet’s batik quilt

4 baby quilts

A chenille throw (this may be my first and last attempt at making my own chenille!)

A quilt I call Big Fluffy Flying Geese (it’s got white fluffy fabric similar to chenille and large flying geese blocks – once you see it, it’ll make perfect sense)

Judy’s t-shirt quilt – actually I plan to put it on the quilting frame this weekend, but she’s got some really great t-shirts in there and I thought I’d share a sneak peek with you!

Debbie’s Crazy Patch quilt – now talk about something that takes a long time!  I’ll post some pictures of some of the blocks, they are pretty and so much fun!

So…be looking for some more pictures!

52 week challenge Other fun stuff

Felted Pouch

These were just too much fun to make.  I went to the Goodwill store and purchased a 100% wool sweater.  At home I washed and dried it in hot water and a hot dryer – naturally it got about 10 sizes smaller, but the threads became very tightly woven so that when it’s cut, it doesn’t ravel.  Then I cut it up and made these little pouches.

felted pouch

I have more of the sweater left, but not sure what to make next.


52 week challenge Other fun stuff

Catching Up

Too busy to blog?!  How is that possible?  Sometimes life gets in the way.

Here’s a few projects I’ve been working on:

Small Notebook Cover

This is a cute notebook cover for those 3×5 notebooks.  The perfect size to tuck into your purse.  I made this out of scraps from a lap quilt.  You just can’t get rid of those small pieces of fabric so this is just perfect! 


notebook cover closed

open …

notebook cover open

Very handy indeed.