Personal Sewing Play Time

Now this was some serious sewing play time for me.

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a metal frame clasp purse. I’m sure you’ve seen these.  They have been around for ever!  As you can see from this collection of purses that it took me several tries before I finally got it right.  By right I mean purse #6.

I played with different frames, different types of glue, different batting and stiffeners (iron on and sew in), and different patterns.  I read through several patterns (and rewrote several) and watched a lot of videos.  In the end I created my own pattern, created my own method, and wrote my own directions. . So, since I used up all my metal frames I had to order some more.  When those come in, look out!  I’m gonna make some great purses!

As a side note, for the purses I didn’t like, I tried to pull the fabric out of the metal frame so I could reuse it.  Didn’t happen.  I personally give the three different glues I tried a thumbs up!

This made for a great weekend of fun!

Personal Post Just for Dogs

This one is for the dogs.  Literally.

Don’t throw away all those scraps!  This is one of the reasons that quilters have been referred to as ‘the original recyclers.’  I have leftover fleece (from making scarves for Christmas), leftover batting scraps (from making quilts), cotton fabrics (also from making quilts), and leftover binding pieces (also from making quilts).

So, what to do with all those scraps?  Make crate comforters for dog rescues and shelters.  All dogs deserve to have their own little quilt.  These are put in their crate to give some warmth and comfort.  That’s probably how these got their name!  When a dog is adopted, this little quilt goes with them to help ease the transition into their new home.  Awww….. how cute is that?

Any shelter will gladly accept these crate comforters made from any of these materials and made in any size. So to all my quilting friends out there, put your scraps to good use and give them to the dogs.

What a fun project!


Monday Personal Post

Here is a fun little project – a mug rug.


I bought a fabric panel that had several of these ‘wine squares’ on it.  I couldn’t resist buying it, but then what to do with them?  Someone gave me some cloth napkins (thanks Lavon!) and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with those either.  So, combine them!

The result is a mug rug, or in this case, a wine rug.  If you don’t know what a mug rug is, think of it as a quilted placemat to set your mug of coffee or a glass of wine or your drink of choice and perhaps a snack.  In this case, I returned this gift to the giver.

So fun!