52 week challenge

Week 14 – Oct 28, 2012 – Simple Tote Bag

This bag started out as a small practice piece for machine quilting.  I haven’t done that much machine quilting on my Pfaff domestic sewing machine so I thought I’d spend time practicing.  Even after an hour of practice, I could still use a bit more practice, but this ‘mini quilt’ had all the free space used up – so now what to do with it?  Recently, I saw a pattern for a tote bag that had an interesting way of piecing the bottom and boxing the corners, so why not?  Use my practice piece!  Naturally, I rewrote the directions (which is what I do with most of my patterns anyway), and look what happened?  This cute tote bag!  It’s not too big, only 9x9x3, but still quite usable.  The only thing I don’t care for are the wimpy handles.  Just a double fold of fabric, they really need to have some interfacing inside it.  The handles and the bottom of tote bags is what will wear out first.  So, next time I make this pattern …


Family Quilt

Notes on Weekly Challenge

Wow – there just isn’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to get everything done!

I’m pretty far behind in my own challenge, so I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  1. If I’m going to sew something every week, I need to have my patterns handy.
  2. I had it in my head that I had to create something new every week instead of just making something, something I’ve made before or try a new pattern.  I didn’t have to create a new pattern or technique every week.
  3. It’s hard to stay on schedule when you move to a new home!
  4. Since it’s my challenge, I can change the rules any time I like.  Ok, more like modify the rules to fit my schedule.

New (modified) rules:

  1. When I make something I’ll just post it.  No point in trying to catch up now.
  2. Start a new challenge in January 2013.  I should have all my patterns unpacked and organized by then.  (hey, it could happen!)
  3. Do not stress over a weekly project.
  4. Have as much fun with this challenge as possible!
Family Quilt

Clint’s graduation quilt

You ever notice how kids keep graduating!  This quilt was made for Clint Hodges when he graduated from college.  I made a quilt for his younger sister and brother when they graduated from high school, so I couldn’t forget Clint!


Other fun stuff T-shirt Quilt

Childs Quillow


Brady Kalivoda drives a Top Fuel Dragster for Warrior Racing.  This is a picture of Brady holding a baby quillow. We met Brady at the U.S. Nationals in 2011. One of his sponsors, Moorefield Construction, arranged for us to meet Brady and spend a little time with him in the pits. His girlfriend, Althea, and his newborn son, Brooks (8 mo. old at the time) were there as well. Brady was so gracious and so welcoming we became instant fans. We wound up spending the day and a good part of the evening with Brady and his family and the crew.  I decided to make Brooks a quillow as a gift to the Kalivoda family for their kindness and generosity to us that afternoon.

If you look closely at the picture, you will see that there are some photo transfers as well as some MC shirt emblems.  If you don’t know what a quillow is, let me explain.  From the front it looks just like a quilt, but on the back there is a pocket where you can put your feet to keep them warm.  When not using the quilt, it can be folded in such a way that it folds into the pocket and becomes a pillow. A rather simple pattern that has such wonderful benefits, and the smiles from the recipients warm your heart.






Charity Quilt Other fun stuff sailing nationals quilt

2012 Y-Flyer Sailing Nationals Quilt

The drawing for the sailing nationals quilt was held at the Beers Regatta in Atlanta, GA earlier this month.  The winner is Ben Guise of Little Rock, Arkansas.  We raised close to $500 this year.  Thanks to everyone who bought tickets!