Month: August 2022

Small Drawstring Bags

Ok, ya have to admit these little bags are cute, right? I’m going to include them with my collection of dice bags for D&D players, but they could really be used for lots of other things.

Organizing Pods

Made these organizing Pods from an embroidered tablecloth. If you are not using the tablecloth, make it into something you will use.

Jewel Dice Bag

Made this type of dice bag and I’m really liking this design. It has 8 inside pockets and a large center area to store and separate several of sets of dice.

Boxy Dice Bags

Made some dice bags since my gaming friends seem to have a lot of sets of dice. A fun way to organize and protest them.

Boxy Dice Bags

Boxy Dice Bags

I have been making some dice bags for gamers who have more than one set of dice – which is most of them! I can help organize them and keep them protected.

Boxy Dice Bags

I have been working on some dice bags for friends that would like to corral all their dice. Seems game players can’t have just one set of dice, they have multiple sets. I can help organize that. These are fully lined and padded to… Continue Reading “Boxy Dice Bags”

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