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Fun stuff I’ve been making

I’ve been busy sewing and quilting, but haven’t posted much so I’m going to share some things with you here.

Zipper pulls – these are wonderful to put on zippers on purses and totes:

zipper pulls 1 zipper pulls 2

This is an art quilt – I don’t really get art quilts so I’m putting this in a silent auction to raise money for hats and gloves for the needy.

art quilt wallhanging

Zippered clutch bags – I made these for a couple reasons, one being I needed a bag big enough to hold my cell phone plus a few other things – like id and charge cards.  I was also practicing zippers and getting them to look more professional.  Did you notice the zipper pull?  Nice to have a few on hand and ready to use.

2 zipper clutch bags 20131123_222733 zipper clutch bag

That’s it for now.  I’ve made a few other things but they are gifts that I haven’t given yet, so I’ll post those in a week or so.

Family Quilt Longarm Quilting

Shelby’s Graduation Quilt

A high school graduation quilt – so what if she’s already starting college?  It’s the thought that counts.  We’ve known and sailed with Shelby Hatcher for many years and were delighted she could spend a few days with us shortly after Christmas – that’s when we gave her this gift.  She was thrilled and she even used it that night on her bed.  But – silly me, I didn’t take a picture of her with the quilt using my camera.  So, I’m going to provide an ‘in process’ picture and one that she sent me (seems her cat likes the quilt too). Those white tags on the quilt are just block numbers so I’d be sure to sew them in the correct order.

Her mother gave me some suggestions on fabric colors.  So what colors do you choose when the recipients favorite color is camo?  She’s an ‘earth’ girl so I tried to select those colors.  The fabric is a called batik and also seems to suit her personality.  The quilting design looks like wind so that fit the earth theme and because she’s a sailor.


quilt with cat

Longarm Quilting T-shirt Quilt

Sundesh’s mothers quilt

This quilt must have been the most wonderful Christmas gift a wife and mother could have received.  Sundesh’s father recently passed and he set aside some of his dad’s favorite t-shirts.  These were made into a lap size quilt and he gave it to his mom for Christmas.  I’m thinking there might have been some tears shed that day.

Sundesh requested that I keep as many of the stains as possible because they simply reminded everyone of their father.  There were also a couple t-shirt labels that were special so I kept those too – be sure to read them closely.

close up of stains close up of tag - back close up of tag - front Sundesh's quilt