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Mug Rug

This is a mug rug I made for my friend and neighbor, Flo.  I know she loves her coffee and this will be a perfect little gift for her.  In case you don’t know what a mug rug is, just think of it as a fancy quilted coaster.

For this one I started with a pre printed quilt label which can be purchased as a panel from a quilt store.  Then I pulled some matching fabrics from my ever growing fabric stash to complete the little quilt top.  I added a couple applique stars, too, because they kind of match the star flower on the quilt label.  I used some variegated thread and did some fun quilting in each of the sections of the mug rug.  I had great fun making this and I hope Flo smiles every time she uses it.

mug rug for Flo