52 week challenge Family Quilt

Week 2 – week of Feb. 26, 2012 – Jar Candle Cozies

This was an interesting project – making fabric jar candle covers.  New candles aren’t the problem, it’s just after they’ve been used for awhile that they become a problem.  The wax often burns unevenly, the wick breaks off and get stuck in the melted wax, the top of the jar often turns black, and there’s the company logo or writing on the outside of the jar.  All of this can make them unattractive.  Well, with these little “cozies” they are a lot more attractive.  I tried a variety of techniques – elastic or ribbon at the top to make it fit the jar, appliqué a design on the front, and even sewing on some lace.  The one with the lace is about half way burned and now when the candle is lit, the light shines right through the lace and was a delightful surprise.  These also have a fabric bottom to protect the glass jar if it’s sitting on a hard surface.  After I wrote up the directions, since I designed these myself, I mentioned to Kevin (my wonderful husband) that I hope there isn’t already a pattern on the market because I had the bright idea that I invented this myself!  Here are the before and after pictures of the candles…

52 week challenge

52 Week Challenge

I’m starting a new project, one that will actually take 52 weeks to complete.  It’s from the book A Daily Creativity Journal 365 by Noah Scalin.  Create something every day or every week for one year.  It’s geared toward anyone who wants to jump start their creativity no matter what your “medium” is.  It could be cooking (did you see the movie Julie and Julia or read the book?), or it could be painting, or writing, or drawing.  For me, my medium is fabric.  So, my personal challenge is to do something with fabric every week.  Now I’d love to say I’ll make a quilt every week for a year, but I don’t think that’s realistic (at least not until I retire).  So, I could make a small quilt as a table topper or dresser runner, a wall hanging, a tote bag, a purse, anything I can think of!  But it’s once I run out of those quick ideas is where the challenge will come in, what will I make next?  Where will the ideas come from?  Where will my creativity lead me?  What new skills will I learn?  What will I accomplish?  What will I learn about myself on this journey?  So many questions waiting to be answered.  I hope you’ll enjoy yourself as you follow me along this journey.  So, I’m ready to start with my first project. 


Week 1 – Week of Feb. 19, 2012 – My 52 Week Challenge Journal

Here’s a picture of the journal cover I made for one of those composition journals.  These are relatively easy to make, just a couple rectangles of fabric sewn together; there are flaps on each side that the cover slides into to hold it onto the book; and it has a ribbon to keep my place.  I cut out the shapes for the “52” and appliquéd them onto the cover.  In this journal I’ll put a picture of the project along with a description.