Runners T-Shirt Quilt

These t-shirts are from a runner in my home town so I recognized a lot of these shirts.  In fact, I have some of them myself!  It was a delight to see how nicely they worked up into a quilt. What a great memory she will have from participating in each of these events.


Memory Quilt

Making a memory quilt is always a special creation – made from a loved one’s clothing.  Turning these special pieces of clothing into a cherished quilt is a rewarding experience.  This process is an emotional experience as well.  After losing a loved one, it’s difficult to decide what to do with their clothing.  I would like to suggest if you have lost a loved one or know someone who has, pack up those few special pieces of clothing and hold onto them for awhile.  Then at some future date, they can be made into a memory quilt.


Here are some pictures to show that transformation.


I was given a variety of t-shirts, sports jerseys, flannel pants, baby blankets, and even a baseball cap.  All these items were used in the quilt and to make one special bonus item.

The finished quilt.


In the collection of clothing provided were a couple of baby blankets.  Pieces of both of them were included in the quilt, but from the left over pieces of one of them, I made this teddy bear.  Naturally, I also had to make a real bow tie for the little guy.