Longarm Quilting T-shirt Quilt

Runners T-Shirt Quilt

These t-shirts are from a runner in my home town so I recognized a lot of these shirts.  In fact, I have some of them myself!  It was a delight to see how nicely they worked up into a quilt. What a great memory she will have from participating in each of these events.


By Wanda Black

I've been quilting for over 20 years and love every part of it. I now have a long arm quilting machine and would like to quilt your quilts for you.

2 replies on “Runners T-Shirt Quilt”

Hi Wanda!! I am wanting to have a quilt made with several of Meredith’s basketball T-shirt’s . Can u please email with some details – eg: how many T-shirt’s for a large quilt and the cost – thx much!!


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