T-shirt Quilt

Quilt top done – almost

Been working like crazy on a t-shirt quilt for Debbie, last night finally got the top done!  Almost.  I’ll add the border tonight.  It really looks awesome.  I love it and hope she will, too.  Had a bit of an issue with the t-shirts shrinking at different rates, but with a bit of pulling and tugging they all fit.  This quilt also has 3 pictures that she took that I scanned onto fabric – they look wonderful. It helps that she’s a great photographer.  (will post a picture this weekend)  Then it’ll be ready to layer and quilt.  These shirts were from her family vacations at Bent’s Camp up in Wisconsin.  I’d love to do some quilts for the rest of her family. 

Enjoy the sunshine after 3 days of rain!

T-shirt Quilt

Yes – they are real t-shirts

Hello – we had a wonderful weekend in Atlanta, GA, sailing at the Gilbert Beer’s Memorial Regatta (aka The Beers Regatta).  Being around the people you enjoy and doing an activity you love is just delightful.  I wish every day was like that.  The weather was warm and sunny, sailing winds were darn near perfect, and the fun and laughter was the best anyone could hope for.  They did an excellent job hosting the regatta.

Anyway – back to quilting – I displayed a t-shirt quilt (see my other page) to show everyone what I could do with their sailing t-shirts.  The t-shirt quilt I displayed was not sailing t-shirts but bar t-shirts (some people do collect those – like my husband).  Some people couldn’t believe they were really t-shirts.  Let me assure you – yes, they were at one time a real t-shirt.  Most of them were the designs on the back of the t-shirt.  Once the shirt is made into a quilt and run though the washer and dryer a couple times – that is what it looks like.  And it’s great!  It’s a very usable quilt.  It’s meant to be used on the bed, take a nap on the couch and cover up with it, send it with your son or daughter when they go off to college, and even take it camping.  Use it, love it, and remember all the good times you had while collecting those t-shirts.  Gather up your t-shirts and figure out what you would like to do with them.  I’m here when you’re ready.

Also, Allison (daughter of a good sailing friend from Mattoon, IL) and Becky (daughter from a very dear friend from down in Bloomington, IN) asked about making a quilt from clothing.  This is called a Memory Quilt, and yes I can make those, but I’ve not worked up any kind of price list at this time.  Since there is some interest, I’m gonna have to work on that.  I’ve got some quilt patterns in mind that would be suitable, so I’ll put together a price list to go with it.  Keep an eye out for it – I’ll post it once I’ve pulled it all together.

Get out and enjoy this wonderful fall weather!

Quilt Organizating

Magazines? What magazines?

Yes, I have way too many quilting magazines.  I can’t help myself!  I subscribe to 3 and occasionally pick up one at the local quilt shop.  The problem is, they were stacked too high on the table in front of my TV in Wandaland.  I could hear it, but couldn’t watch it.  In fact, I had to stand up and hold the remote control above my head so it could connect with the DVD player.  Now how sad and goofy is that?!  So, Sunday evening I sat down with the stack of magazines in front of me and went through each one.  I tore out patterns that I liked, tips I wanted to glue into my little notebook, articles I wanted to read, and ads I wanted to actually use.  The quilt patterns I put into page protectors and put into 3-ring binders.  (That’s how I found the pattern for the Nationals Quilt – flipping through old patterns.)  This process took over 4 hours!  Now, I have the patterns organized and I can actually watch the TV now.  Ah, the simple joys of life, an organized sewing room.  (well mostly organized anyway)

Have a great day!