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Longarm Quilting Other fun stuff Quilt Organizating T-shirt Quilt

Martha’s t-shirt quilt

I’m back!  Not quilting as much as I would like, but getting something accomplished.

This is my best friends quilt while it was still on the quilting frame.  I’ve actually completed it and will deliver it next week.  It has some really wonderful t-shirts like Elvis and Pooh.  I’m sure she’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

In this picture you can also see what a quilting machine actually looks like.  It’s quite large and takes up lots of space.  A normal ‘domestic’ machine is where you move the fabric under the machine.  With a quilting machine, you move the machine over the fabric.  The quilt layers are rolled on bars, similar to the old fashioned typewriters.  (probably found in antique stores!)  You can also see a portion of my ‘studio’ also known as Wandaland. I need to either organize better or take over the rest of the house!

quilt being quilted

52 week challenge Other fun stuff Quilt Organizating T-shirt Quilt

I’m back …

I may be back, but I’m not sure where all my stuff is.

We moved from Wanamaker, IN to New Palestine, IN.  Although that’s only about 8 miles away – moving is moving.  We were in that house for over 25 years and in that time you accumulate a lot of stuff and you get very comfortable.

The new house is great – boxes and all.  Most of the important stuff is put away – clothes, kitchen stuff, and all the furniture is where it should be.  However, my sewing room, aka Wandaland, is still unorganized.  If you know me, that’s a world stopper!  Things are in the room, but in all different places.  My old sewing room had two closets with floor to ceiling shelves, four bookcases, and a wall with four additional shelves.  My new sewing room has four bookcases, but they are on different walls – and that’s all the storage I have.  Except for the 30 boxes not yet unpacked.  So, in time, all will get unpacked and put where it should be.

Anyway, I have some catching up to do.  I’ve done some weekly projects but haven’t had the chance to post them – which I will do over the next week or so, that way I can get back up to speed.

I also completed a sports jersey quilt for a customer and it was such fun!  I’ll be posting pictures of that soon to.

So let’s catch up…

Quilt Organizating

Magazines? What magazines?

Yes, I have way too many quilting magazines.  I can’t help myself!  I subscribe to 3 and occasionally pick up one at the local quilt shop.  The problem is, they were stacked too high on the table in front of my TV in Wandaland.  I could hear it, but couldn’t watch it.  In fact, I had to stand up and hold the remote control above my head so it could connect with the DVD player.  Now how sad and goofy is that?!  So, Sunday evening I sat down with the stack of magazines in front of me and went through each one.  I tore out patterns that I liked, tips I wanted to glue into my little notebook, articles I wanted to read, and ads I wanted to actually use.  The quilt patterns I put into page protectors and put into 3-ring binders.  (That’s how I found the pattern for the Nationals Quilt – flipping through old patterns.)  This process took over 4 hours!  Now, I have the patterns organized and I can actually watch the TV now.  Ah, the simple joys of life, an organized sewing room.  (well mostly organized anyway)

Have a great day!