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Personal Sewing Play Time

Now this was some serious sewing play time for me.

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a metal frame clasp purse. I’m sure you’ve seen these.  They have been around for ever!  As you can see from this collection of purses that it took me several tries before I finally got it right.  By right I mean purse #6.

I played with different frames, different types of glue, different batting and stiffeners (iron on and sew in), and different patterns.  I read through several patterns (and rewrote several) and watched a lot of videos.  In the end I created my own pattern, created my own method, and wrote my own directions. . So, since I used up all my metal frames I had to order some more.  When those come in, look out!  I’m gonna make some great purses!

As a side note, for the purses I didn’t like, I tried to pull the fabric out of the metal frame so I could reuse it.  Didn’t happen.  I personally give the three different glues I tried a thumbs up!

This made for a great weekend of fun!

For Sale Other fun stuff Sewing project

Monday Personal Post

On Monday’s I’ve decided to post a personal sewing project that I’ve done.  This is just for fun and something light.

These are microwave bowls.  Sounds simple enough.  They are used to hold a bowl of soup or chili or whatever, then put it in the microwave to heat up, and when it’s done, pull it out and you can hold it by the fabric bowl.  Now how awesome is that?!  You don’t burn your fingers and you can hold it while you eat.

On a side note, you can use them to hold a bowl of ice cream and not freeze your hand. How fun is that?

And did I mention they are reversible as well as machine washable and dryable? Totally fun!

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Fun stuff I’ve been making

I’ve been busy sewing and quilting, but haven’t posted much so I’m going to share some things with you here.

Zipper pulls – these are wonderful to put on zippers on purses and totes:

zipper pulls 1 zipper pulls 2

This is an art quilt – I don’t really get art quilts so I’m putting this in a silent auction to raise money for hats and gloves for the needy.

art quilt wallhanging

Zippered clutch bags – I made these for a couple reasons, one being I needed a bag big enough to hold my cell phone plus a few other things – like id and charge cards.  I was also practicing zippers and getting them to look more professional.  Did you notice the zipper pull?  Nice to have a few on hand and ready to use.

2 zipper clutch bags 20131123_222733 zipper clutch bag

That’s it for now.  I’ve made a few other things but they are gifts that I haven’t given yet, so I’ll post those in a week or so.