Wordless Wednesday

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Personal Post – Hankie Pincushion

Uh oh! Look what happened – I made another pincushion.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

This time I started with an embroidered hankie. It has my initial ‘W’ already embroidered and I added a few embroidery stitches myself. I also added a ribbon strip on one side to attach some clips. These clips come in handy when sewing and quilting. If you aren’t using these you should really give them a try. They are particularly useful when sewing with plastic and leather or if there are too many layers for a pin to go through. This pincushion is filled with crushed walnut shells. Not only does this give the pincushion some weight (which can also serve as a pattern weight) but it also sharpens your pins. How useful is that?

If you have some hankies or other linens and not sure what to do with them, consider using them for fun things like a pincushion, zipper pouch, or even in quilt blocks.


Be well,


Wordless Wednesday

9-patch quilt

Athletes T-shirt Quilt

Here is a t-shirt quilt I made for a high school student.  As you can see from this collection of t-shirts he’s quite an active young man. Swimming. Wrestling. Band. Traveling. Cross Country. This quilt holds so many memories for him.

Here is the front of the quilt:

18-3-017 quilt front

And a picture of the back.

18-3-017 quilt back

You may notice there are a couple blocks on the back.  These are a couple childhood drawings that have been converted to be on fabric. After some discussion his mother we decided it would be best to put these on the back instead of the front. She wanted to keep the blocks, but a person could get beat up by a college roommate or teased mercilessly by a girlfriend if they were on the front of the quilt. So, they are on the back and it looks awesome!

Be well,


Personal Post – Pineapple Pincushion

I have a difficult time throwing out even the smallest fabric scraps. I tend to toss them into some kind of container – in this case it’s a small wooden container. I believe I picked this up from Goodwill some time back and as a “scrap catcher” it works pretty well.

These small scraps are perfect for foundation piecing.  I happen to have a lot of these foundation paper blocks that I’ve collected over the years. I selected a pineapple block pattern and made a block. Notice – I made one block. That’s a lot of pieces. So what do you do with just one small block? Make a pincushion of course! As a quilter I can’t have enough pincushions.



Be well,


Baseball T-shirt Quilt

This baseball t-shirt quilt was fun to make because there were just enough t-shirts for the front and a couple special shirts for the back.

It worked out that the blocks can all be cut to the same size.  This doesn’t work for every t-shirt quilt. Sometimes the designs are quite large while others are quilt small. When doing the analysis, I try very hard to make sure none of the design is cut off.

19-1-003 Blocks 1

One block was a photo transfer.  How fun is that?!

19-1-003 block close up 2

Here is a close up of the quilting design. Personally, I love the border design!

19-1-003 block close up 1

19-1-003 quilting detail front










The finished quilt. This quilt is really wonderful.  I like the high color contrast between the blue and the bold. It really sets off the blocks.

19-1-003 quilt front 2

The back has two additional blocks and a small pieced block strip to balance the design.

19-1-003 quilt back 1

And just because I can’t help myself, I made a matching table topper. This would look nice on the nightstand next to the bed with the quilt.

19-1-003 table topper from leftover blocks



Personal Post – Eye Glasses Cleaner

This is handier than a pocket on a shirt. This little pouch contains an eye glasses cleaning cloth. The fact that it has a loop makes it even better. It’s easy to attach to a purse strap or just tuck the whole thing in your pocket. It’s machine washable and dryable, too. This is so quick and easy you can make a dozen of these in no time. This would be a welcome gift for anyone who wears glasses.

Be well,


Personal Post – Back Off!

Need to show this off! My sister made this for me and I love it.

Some days this saying is more true than others.

Be well,


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