Hunter’s Baseball Jersey Quilt

I had the pleasure of creating this wonderful quilt made from baseball jerseys and t-shirts.  Hunter has been playing baseball all the way through high school – thankfully his parents kept all those t-shirts and jerseys!  As you can see in the pictures below, I was able to use the jerseys – with the button down fronts.  I sewed the shirt together then treated it as a t-shirt.  This quilt is also special because a friend of mine, Shelley, embroidered three of Hunter’s motivational quotes, and I was able to include them in the quilt.  Also, there are four pictures of Hunter playing ball.  All in all, this is a wonderful quilt – and I know he’ll enjoy it as he plays baseball in college.

The “before picture” of the jerseys:

before picture of shirts

One of the embroidered quotes:

close up of quote 3 cropped

A pair of the photo transfers:

close up of photo transfers 1 cropped

And, the finished quilt:

finished quilt

And, from the jerseys – one back and one front – I also made him a matching pillow.



Hockey Jersey Quilt

It’s finished and it’s awesome!  This quilt was made for my nephew, Matt, from his hockey jerseys.  He’s played hockey from the youth leagues all the way through his senior year at North Central High School.  My brother, Elwood, brought me 17 of Matt’s jerseys.  Let me tell you that’s a lot of jerseys!  He said to use them all and make it as big as possible.  I did both.  I used the front, back, and sleeves.  Some of the youth jerseys I couldn’t use the sleeves (they were just too darn small), but some of the larger jerseys I got several blocks from the sleeves.  Go figure.  There were also six photographs transferred to fabric and included as quilt blocks.

Here’s the finished quilt.  It measures 100”x104”.  (takes up my entire living room floor!)

Close up of the center of the quilt.  The black jersey with the green and white v-neck collar is Matt’s first jersey.  Notice there is a team photo as well.

Each block was individually quilted and here’s a close up of one of the blocks.