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Quilt Top From Long Ago

In a sewing room far far away….  It could be far away, but I just don’t know how far – into the past, that is.  In the quilting world we have what are known as UFO’s – Un Finished Objects.  These are quilts that have been started, stashed away in a box, and long forgotten.  That’s happened to me a LOT – then and still does.  I start a project, learn the new pattern or technique, then move on to the next project, or I get tired of the fabric or pattern, or I just get busy with life, and the project sits on the shelf for goodness knows how long.  Such is the case with this project.  At the Indiana State Quilt Guild summer retreat this year, I decided I was going to finish a UFO – didn’t matter which one (since I have so many to choose from), so I just grabbed one off the shelf and packed it with the rest of my stuff for the weekend.  When I opened the box I found saw stacks of blocks that were pinned together and numbered with post it notes as to what row they were.  And in order to make sure I sewed it together right, I thoughtfully included a Polaroid picture of the layout.  Ok, so how long ago do you think that has been?!  Some of you may not even remember the Polaroid days. (I’m really dating myself here!) It was a special camera that when you took a picture it would slide the print out the front of the camera, you would pull it out and wave it around until it developed into the picture.  Very cool technology back then!  Well, I didn’t really need it, because I trusted my ‘long ago self’ that I picked up and labeled the blocks and rows correctly because I just started sewing it together and hoped for the best.  And guess what – it was perfect!  I was just as surprised as my retreat roommates!  When I was at the ironing board pressing the completed quilt top a ‘young person’ commented that it was a beautiful quilt top and wondered if these were ‘vintage’ fabrics!  I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.  If you know me, I just laughed.  Anyway, here is the quilt along with the Polaroid picture. Polaroid picture quilt top Hope you enjoy a good laugh, too!


Quilts I’ve Quilted

It’s been awhile since I last posted – sorry, life sometimes gets in the way. But, I’m going to post several items that have been keeping me busy.

This first quilt is just a portion of the Downton Abbey quilt that I quilted for a friend, Kathy.  This was a mystery quilt based on the TV show of the same name and used the selected line of fabrics.  She’s a member of the Quilt Connection Guild of Greenwood, IN.  She wanted an overall pattern so I selected a heart and flower panto pattern and used a green variegated thread.  It turned out beautifully!  She’s going to hang this in the guild quilt show this fall.

close up section of Downton Abbey

This next quilt is one I quilted for my sister, Janet.  This was made from batik fabrics and is just stunning!  Starting with a jelly roll of fabric and adding a bright white really makes these colors pop!  She gave this to her long time friend – what a special gift that is.

Janet with batik jelly roll



Hello world!

Good Afternoon – Just getting started

This is my new blog about me and my business.  My quilting business is called WandaLandQuilting.  That name came about, well, my name is Wanda, and sometimes I get that faraway look when I’m quilting and my kids called it WandaLand.  Something like where Peter Pan goes.  Now the term WandaLand simply refers to my sewing / quilting room.  I’ve been quilting for over 20 years and have recently purchased a used Gammill Long Arm quilting machine.  I’d like to start my business of quilting other quilters quilt tops.  I’ve also done some t-shirt quilts which I find great fun!

Have a wonderful day!