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Purple Scrap Quilt – How leaders and enders become a quilt.

Anyone who does a lot of sewing knows that you really need a little piece of scrap fabric under the needle to start sewing before you put your “real” pieces to be sewn together through the machine. This prevents the threads from getting tangled up in the bobbin. This little piece of scrap fabric is called a leader. So, naturally the little scrap of fabric you sew through after your real fabric is sewn is called the ender. Leaders and enders. Pretty simple and every sewer has scraps laying around and all over the sewing room. Well, what if you were to be a little more organized and rather than use scrap fabric, use some squares and triangles instead? This is how all these blocks were created. The result is a whole bunch of 4-patches and half square triangles. Lay them out in a pleasing arrangement and sew them together.

So, you sew them together but you still have some blocks left. Add a little border and sew them on.

If the top is not quite big enough, add a couple of borders. What the heck? The light blue border is wider on the sides than the top and bottom because it was just too skinny.

What about another border? Does this dark blue look ok? Yep!

Looks good to me!

So that’s how a scrap quilt made from leaders and enders is made.

Think of it as a bonus quilt – a quilt being made at the same time you are making a real quilt. It’s all fun!

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