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Week 13 – May 13 – 19 – Quilted Throw Pillows

Voila!  Here’s what I made with the “practice quilt” from last week.  Ok Ok Ok, I know what some of you are thinking – I can’t believe she cut up that quilt! 

There are two sides to this argument – if you have a quilt top or a quilt that is special to you in some way, you can save it as is, finish it, have it mended, preserve it, display it, put it in your will and hand it down to your kids, but NEVER cut it up.  Or, since this quilt is not special to me in any way (other than to teach me how to machine quilt a top that was poorly pieced), I fixed and finished the quilt top, machine quilted it, then cut it up and made something useful of it.  To me this is an acceptable way to use a quilt.  Using it to cover the lawn mower in the barn is NOT an acceptable way to use a quilt. 

 So, I think you’ll see how wonderful these two pillows are and they look great on the black leather couch in the living room.  I have some more of the quilt left and I’m not sure what to do with it yet, do you have any suggestions? 

Quilted Throw Pillows


By Wanda Black

I've been quilting for over 20 years and love every part of it. I now have a long arm quilting machine and would like to quilt your quilts for you.

2 replies on “Week 13 – May 13 – 19 – Quilted Throw Pillows”

That is simply exqisiute, Wendy! I love the colors and the design. Congratulations on a job well done.I actually visited my first quilt store yesterday with a friend who recently started quilting last Easter. The store had a super bowl sale: 25 fat quarters for $25. I couldn’t pass it up. I hope to play around and experiment with these inexpensive fabric pieces and then perhaps try my hand at a doll’s quilt a plenty big enough project for me.Do you have any quilting tips for a novice?


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