52 week challenge Family Quilt

Week 4 – March 11-17, 2012 – All Around the Square

This is a pattern from Easy Quilts, Summer 2012, that was really fun to make.  And yes, it was easy.  First of all it’s only 12” x 12” and uses just a little bit of fabric.  What a great way to use up some leftover fabric from a larger project.  Actually, I got these fabrics as a collection of 2 ½” strips from Keepsake Quilting (Fabric of the Month Club – how fun is that?).  Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen them, but they came as a set.  And you know what, I kinda like them. What a great way to try out new fabrics.  Expand your color and pattern choices – and have fun at the same time.

By Wanda Black

I've been quilting for over 20 years and love every part of it. I now have a long arm quilting machine and would like to quilt your quilts for you.

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