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“I’ve known Wanda for nearly 30 years.  My family has five of her quilts.  They are all unique and beautiful.  She just finished a t-shirt quilt for me and it is fabulous.  Her work is precise and her quilting is exquisite.  You won’t be sorry you had her make your quilt.  I treasure each of mine and hang them on the wall as art … that’s how beautiful they are.”   Debbie H, Bloomington, IN

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Wanda made a quilt for me out of all
My old concert t shirts. Not only did she do remarkable, she captured my personality. The border is a 70s vibe with the inside of it being psychedelic. I love my quilt so much and she did an amazing job!

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I asked Wanda to finish a quilt top my mom made several years ago. It needed a little mending and added fabric to make it a queen size. Wanda did a fabulous job quilting and matching the older style of colored fabrics. Thank you very much! I will treasure it forever and pass it down in the family in the future.


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