Sewing Projects

November 9, 2015

Belt or Strap

Here is something I whipped up the other day – a belt.  Well, it could be used as a belt – as in like, to hold up your pants.  I’m not much of a belt person, but I could use this as a strap. If you were to put this strap around your suitcase, wouldn’t that be easy to pick out on the luggage claim carousel at the airport?  Or if you have several things loaded on a two wheel cart, use this strap to keep them in place while pulling the cart.  There’s probably a hundred other uses!  I made this using some pretty fabrics, a bit of interfacing, and two ‘D’ rings.  How easy is that?  Oh, and you can make it as long or as short as you like.

Fabric Belt / Strap

Fabric Belt / Strap