August 17, 2016

I was doing a bit of cleaning and sorting in the sewing room the other day and ran across a UFO (an un finished object) that I started way back when Quilt America was in Indianapolis. Goodness, I don’t even remember what years the show and classes were, but I do have a tote bag from that time and it has a year of 2001. So that’s around the time my sister and I took a class. The class was needleturn applique hummingbird table runner.

This is mine…

hummingbird applique Wanda

This is my sister’s…

hummingbird applique Janet

Aren’t hers beautiful? So now what am I gonna do with mine? I don’t have time to finish these as needleturn applique and I just can’t toss them out. Oh what to do? For now, it goes back in the box to wait for another day when I discover it.

Have a wonderful day!


August 11, 2016

Here is a little something I currently have on the quilt frame. This is one of my grandmother’s dresser runners. Since it is so delicate to use as is, I decided to quilt it to make it a little more sturdy, and pretty it up some. She did add the lace but there is no embroidery on it so the quilting will add a lot of dimension. I hope she would approve!

lace tablerunner 1

This picture is where it’s basted to the background fabric and I drew a few designs on it. Don’t worry, the lines will come out.

lace tablerunner 3

As you can see I’ve started quilting! It is such fun to watch this piece come alive. I will post more pictures as the quilting progresses.


July 28, 2016

This picture should explain a lot …

'Thyme' in a bottle

This is my friends version of time in a bottle. This is actually thyme – as in like the spice! We were out shopping in a local quilt shop and I told her the only things I really need are thread and time – so this is what I got! Ask and you shall receive, though it’s not always what you expect! Ok, Tammy, so where’s the thread?!  Gotta love a quilters sense of humor.

May 31, 2016

Been a busy summer so far and it’s just the end of May!  I can hardly wait to see what the rest of summer will bring.

We had a death in the family recently. It was not totally unexpected, but it still hits hard when it does happen.  In going back through all the family photo albums, it was fun to relive all those memories.  There were a lot of memories and great stories to retell. So, naturally I’ve been reflecting on my own life – what will people remember about me, what stories will be worth retelling, and what memories have I helped create with other people?  Those are interesting questions and I’ll be spending time pondering them.

As far as quilting, I’m currently working on three memory quilts.  These are quilts that are made from someone’s clothing.  That person could still be with us or someone that has passed on.  This project, the husband/father passed on about five years ago.  I’m making the quilts from his shirts, some solid color, some plaid, some flannel, even chambray. I can’t post any pictures yet, but I’m having a great time with it!  However, I underestimated just how long it takes to cut apart the shirts and cut the odd shape pieces into the correct size quilt pieces.  Oh well, live and learn.

I’ve also been working on a special t-shirt quilt for the anniversary of a local running event.  Then even more special, I’m quilting a quilt that will be wedding gift!  Pictures in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned.

Best wishes!


February 25, 2016

My sister just can’t stand rick rack for whatever reason. So, at every retreat we play a little game of hiding a piece of Rick Rack in each other’s belongings. When I got home from the retreat this is what I found in my thread bag!

Found the Rick Rack!
Found the Rick Rack!

It’s all in good fun!

January 28, 2016

Fabric Belt

Here is a fun and quick sewing project – a fabric belt. Yep, it can be worn as a belt (as in like to hold up your pants), but I’m thinking more like putting around your suitcase to identify it easier at the airport carousel, or to hold stuff on your two wheel cart, or attach a tote bag to your rolling suitcase.

This one I made out of some fabric scraps. Actually, they were from  a jelly roll of fabric and I really didn’t care for these fabrics – but they sure made a bright and easily identifiable belt! Guarantee no one else will have one like this! So, it’s just some fabric, a bit of batting, and two D rings. Also, you can make it any length you want. The width is determined by the size of the D rings.

belt or tie down strap
Fabric Belt / Strap


January 27, 2016

Been awhile since I posted, life ya know … but here’s a fun project I made a couple months ago.

Wall Pockets

I’ve forgotten exactly where I found these on the internet, but they are so awesome!  If you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of these things, but let me tell you they are as handy as a pocket on a shirt.  Now, they are a pocket on the wall.

The construction is pretty simple actually. First you make “the pocket” in much the same way you would a tote bag or a purse – couple of pieces of fabric, machine quilt it, sew it together, and box the bottom corners.  Then, put a couple grommets in the back near the side seams, and it can be hung on a wall using some ribbon and those wonderful removable hooks.  These can also be hung on a towel rod in the bathroom, a hook on the back of the bathroom door, the back of a chair, the bed post, a door knob, or just about anywhere else you can think of. These would be great to hang near the bed to put your cell phone and Kindle in or on the back of a chair to put the kids toys in while they eat dinner – so many uses!

The first one I made for me – mostly to check out the pattern.  Then I made several for my niece, Michelle R, and sent them to her while she was doing an internship in New York, NY.  You can imagine how small her apartment was so I’m sure these came in quite handy.  I made her five bags in different sizes, one even had ties at the bottom so it could be doubled-up (hang one from below it), from some wonderful fabric I purchased at Crimson Tate quilt shop in downtown Indianapolis.

wall pocket - first one

This was my first wall pocket – pattern checked out ok.

These are the ones I made for my niece.  You can see the inside of the pockets and how nice they look.  I just love them!  And the fabric is awesome! I also sent her some removable hooks and a variety of ribbons so she could hang them anywhere she wanted. Awesome!


November 9, 2015

Lap Quilts

Over the weekend I quilted a couple lap quilts for a friend of mine.  They are for a husband / wife couple for Christmas presents.  She gave me a light weight polyester batting so the quilting looks really poofy. I used a simple girlie pattern on her quilt and more masculine pattern on his.  These will make wonderful and much appreciated gifts.

His Hers


Hello friends,

I wanted to share a special gift I made for a special person,Tex, my father-in-law. He is a vet from the Korean War and is currently living in a nursing home. If you know someone living in a nursing home you know they don’t have a lot of room for personal belongings and the color scheme can be on the boring side. So what better way to make his room brighter and have something very personal, too?!

There are several tutorials out there on how to make pillowcases and it only took about an hour to make these two. They are quick and easy and so much appreciated. You should make some for family members and maybe some for donations. Make them by yourself,with some friends, or with the quilt bee or guild.

Patriotic Pillowcases
Patriotic Pillowcases

Happy sewing!

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