Week 9 – April 15 – 21, 2012 – Bone Neck Pillow

Look another pillow!  What can I say, I like pillows.  Although I’m not one of those women who likes 15 pillows on my bed, but when I want a pillow I like to have them handy.  This one is especially nice to have on the couch when I lay down to read a book or to have in the car to put in the small of my back.


Making this bone pillow was really interesting.  It doesn’t have as much a “bone” shape as I thought it would.  I had hoped the ends would be a little bigger and a bit skinnier in the middle.  I’ll have to adjust the pattern for the next one.  The way the ends were sewn was fun.  There is only one pattern piece that makes the length of the pillow and those cute “boxy” ends.  I don’t think I put enough stuffing in it, so next time I’ll have to really cram it full of polyester stuffing.


And look at those fabrics!  Is that wild stuff or what?  That is left over fabric from making medical scrubs.  (nurses wearing this fabric is ok, but doctors, no, that’s not right)  There’s a place here in Indy that makes scrubs and flannel house pants.  A couple years ago I went to the factory and asked if they have any scraps.  Pretty bold thing to do, but what the heck, the worst that could happen is they would laugh and send me on my way.  Well, they didn’t laugh but they did point to the dumpster.  Seriously?!  Hum, so I put my purse and keys in the car (don’t want to lose those in the dumpster!) and went dumpster diving.  It really wasn’t that bad considering there was just a bunch of fabric scraps and general trash like boxes, newspapers, and empty soda cans  – I guess what I’m saying is there was no real garbage or dead bodies or anything like that.  Just stacks of fabric scraps that took a couple hours to sort through.  Apparently, they stack up lots of layers of fabric and use a long vertical saw blade thing to cut out the pattern pieces and they toss the scraps into the dumpster.  Ok by me – let’s go diving!






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